Thursday, 11th May, 10.30am - WALK

Event date: 
11th May 2017

“Poppleford Anniversary”

In mid-May, Ruth and Haylor will have been resident in Newton Poppleford for 40 years.

We will walk around the village to celebrate the joys of this lovely area, starting from the Church Green (War memorial) (OS 115 SY 085 897). We start in the morning at 10.30am (after the buses have arrived from Sidmouth, Exeter or Budleigh), and walk 5 miles eastward to Harpford, Northmostown and the River Otter. Lunch at the Cannon Inn.

In the afternoon from 2.05pm, we walk 4 miles westwards to Goosemoor, the Commons and Hunger Hill. Join us for the morning walk, lunch, and the afternoon walk, or any combination of these. Timings to suit return buses in all three directions.

Walk Leader: Haylor Lass, 01395 445872